• Master Class “Tools of a modern businessman”

    “Tools of a modern businessman” is a review of core methods and methodical tools, which allow start-up founders from all over the world to have bigger chance of success in conditions of extreme uncertainty. No business plan can stand the first meeting with the consumers (clients). The product of a businessman is not a web application or a tangible object; it’s a scalable, repeatable and profitable business model.

About us

Plug and Play Dagestan

Plug and Play Dagestan is a business incubator that will help you to go from being an idea to working prototype.

We are extending the opportunities for the success of the Dagestan startups on the global world market. Got an idea and a business plan? You can get a work space, a personal mentor and support in finding potential business investors.

Plug and Play Dagestan develops youth entrepreneurship in information technology. This is a space designed to unite IT-community of Dagestan. It comprises the upscale experts and professors from around the world and the unique atmosphere for informal communication of successful entrepreneurs and IT professionals.

Plug and Play Dagestan is a part of an informal network of the largest business accelerator Plug and Play (Silicon Valley, USA) and implemented by Peri Foundation. 

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